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No place like HoME //

Prologue (c) Jac Cooper & Alex Roberts.mArtist Name
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It's 2015. Whitney Houston blares through the speakers of one of the biggest dives on the gay scene in London. Through the maze of booze, drag queens and fuck boys Connor meets Rob.

One a newcomer, the other been on the scene for far too long. But in here their difference don't matter. Do they?

No Place Like Home was originally developed by Alex Roberts in collaboration with Cameron Carver and Jac Cooper for Starting Blocks at Camden People's Theatre.

It is a solo performance that combines poetry, dance, music and video projection.

★★★★★ LGBT Arts Review

★★★★ Queer Guru

★★★★ London Theatre 1

"“Roberts is an excellent storyteller [in] a lyrical treatment of queer club culture.” - Broadway Baby



Writer: Alex Roberts

Director/Choreographer: Cameron Carver

Composer/ Sound Designer: Jac Cooper

Projection Designer: Virginie Serneels

Lighting Designer: Joshua Gadbsy

Stage Manager/Operator: Lucy Morris

Publicity Design: Alex Powell

Production Photography: Nina Robinson

Rehearsal Photography: Jess Temple

Co-Producer: Kirsten Peters Roebuck


Alex/Rob/Connor: Alex Roberts

No Place Like Home has been supported by Camden People's Theatre, The Marlborough Theatre, Tristan Bates, LGBT+ Switchboard, Galop UK and Arts Council England.

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